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Not only are users not lining up to use your chatbot as you’d hoped, but the numbers are well below the benchmarks you’ve set. Several inherent obstacles are a hindrance to virtually all chatbot user adoption, but they can be overcome.

Obligatory disclaimer: it won’t be easy though…Remember the struggle mobile apps had converting web browser users several years ago?

After careful consideration, I decided to remove the banning system, as the number of visitors to to fall, which also took a hit to my advertising revenue.

People enjoyed being abusive for fun to see her responses and most of them meant no harm.

Mitsuku gives a warning, produces a suitable reply and then classes them as an abusive user: The ADDINSULT category does three main things.

Below is an example if someone says, “Let us f**k”.

One of the biggest issues faced by a chatbot developer is how to deal with abusive visitors who enjoy cursing or talking about adult topics with your bot. Abusive messages, swearing and sex talk account for around 30% of the input received by Mitsuku.

While working on Mitsuku, I wanted a more effective way of tackling the issue and so introduced a banning system.

After I had implemented this system, I soon saw lots of people being banned and the quality of the chatlogs increased dramatically.

There were a few false positives where people had said innocent things and Mitsuku had classed them as insults but a bit of fine tuning easily corrected these.

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