Single dad and dating

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This next point is to take nothing away from every single mother who has given her all to be the best mum she can be, you should be proud.

With that said, we don’t hear equally as amazing stories about fathers who go through the same struggle.

Many are dated, stereotypical and do not represent the best and equal interests of child and both parents.

More discussion, coverage & news would no doubt help in that.

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#Single Moms #Moms #Single Dads #Dads #Parents #Grandparents #Parenting Village #justbecause #ourchildren are like #arrows in the #hands of a mighty #warrior ? A post shared by Sharline Nabulime (@sharlinenabulime) on The laws regarding dads in general are still dated in many countries across the world: – In Australia the ‘Lone Fathers Association’ was set up back in 1973 and for decades they have been fighting to support and help single dads fight the unjust laws towards them.

Even still, for those single dads out there reading this and feeling like they are struggling…That should be okay as well.

We should help those fathers who want to be better and not shun them because at the end of the day, it is all about growing, learning and “The biggest misconceptions I found with regards to being a single dad, is the belief that the inherent bond between child and dad can never compare to that of a mum, that fathers lack the ability to solve problems on their own and the essential instincts that are vital as a parent are lacking.” We have all at some point heard those inspiring stories of how hard single mums have worked bringing up their kids, putting food on the table and holding down a job.

However, with the pressures circulating around men to provide, it can feel more overwhelming and discriminatory for a man to expect the mother to pay him child support – although the law is clear.

There are fathers standing up and speaking out across the globe about these types of issues and the laws that were created many decades if not centuries ago.

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