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Turning to looked at the culprit and finding it was the martin girl Megan.

I could see her talking and making hand jester, but I was really focusing on what she was saying.

I relaxed somewhat in his grip and turned back to the crowed of sidekicks.

I gave a smile, then I stood up straight, though it didn't stop me from being shy. Half of them laughed at my shyness and the other half wasn't sure what to do. So, instead of getting upset and hiding away I chuckle and throw out my hand to the Martian girl.

Well that was until he slid pass me and slammed into the wall across from me.

He just laid there spread out in a pile of limbs and a mess of disheveled red hair.

They also had a hidden apartment in the heel, so I could store things in it. "What else would work best for meeting a team of Super-Hero's". Couldn't help but take a step back and look around for an escape.At that second, his eyes widen in and slight look of fear. "Ok, I may never truly cause you bodily harm, but your face was hilarious to see."I then I glance around wonder wear my cousin was.I couldn't help but raise a brow at the group and turning to look at Wally. Learns about her past and finds out that hating life isn't all it is crack up to be. For a few seconds I honestly thought it was Aunt Iris coming back, but that thought was dismissed. There will be mostly normal cann Chapter Two An hour or so passed before I heard the front door open and shut.

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