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Meanwhile, girls are more likely than boys to say they post about their family (53% vs. Some 45% of teens say they often or sometimes post selfies on social media, with 16% saying they do this often.Similar shares of teens say they at least sometimes post things only their closest friends would understand (50%), updates on where they are or what they’re doing (42%) or videos they’ve recorded (41%).Roughly two-thirds of teens say social networking sites helps teens at least some to interact with people from different backgrounds (69%), while a similar share credits social media with helping teens find different points of view (67%) or helping teens show their support for causes or issues (66%).But much like older generations, relatively few teens think of social media platforms as a source of trustworthy information.There is some demographic variation in the types of content teens say they post to social media.Girls are much more likely than boys to post selfies: Six-in-ten girls say they often or sometimes do this, compared with 30% of boys.In each instance, teens are more likely to associate their social media use with generally positive rather than negative feelings. Just as relationships get forged and reinforced on social media, friendships can turn sour and require teens to prune their friend or follower lists.

Relatively few teens – around one-in-ten – say they share things related to their personal problems or their religious or political beliefs on social media.

In addition, more than half of these teens (54%) say they have unfriended or unfollowed someone because that person posted too much or too often, and a similar share disconnected from someone because the person bullied them or others.

A smaller share of these teens say they unfollow others because they act differently online than in person (43%) or post political views they disagree with (22%).

Overall, 37% of teens think that social media helps people their age find trustworthy information – and only 7% think these sites help “a lot” in that respect.

Older teens are more likely than their younger peers to believe social media helps teens interact with people from various backgrounds.

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