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It also considers internal and external factors that impact management of talent in a context of ongoing globalization, workplace diversity and legal compliance.This course familiarizes students with how to utilize data to inform organizational decision making.

A biophysical approach to the detailed workings of peripheral and central nervous systems connecting structure (molecular, subcellular and specialized tissues) to function (physical and neural), through wet lab experiments on living cells, and/or computer-assisted exercises. This is an introduction to the organization, presentation and use of financial accounting information.Specifically addresses how single nerve cells function; how groups of neurons interact; how systems of neurons provide brain function and behavior.Sensory and motor system interplay will be emphasized.For the up-to-date syllabus of this course, please email the instructor directly. dll.umaine.edu/selfhelp General Question with UMaine Online: [email protected]; 207.581.5858 #umaineonline Prerequisites: Provides a foundation in financial management by integrating topics such as measurement of risk, portfolio theory, interest rate determination, valuation, capital budgeting and cost of capital.A student can access UMaine learning technologies at my. Instructional methodology may include case studies, protfolio simulation, jouranl articles, presentations and spreadsheet construciton, in addition to lectures.

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