Tory belleci dating kari

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The six-episode series will strand the two on a deserted island via shipwreck, and the two will use available resources to build out the means to survive on the island.

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He later built what was essentially a homemade flamethrower.

These have included: testing the "Red Flag to a Bull" myth; testing the myth that a human's tongue will instantly stick to a frozen pole, in the "Snow Special" episode; and the myth "can you stay underwater for an hour while breathing through a dart tube? One of his more popular stunts, shown several times on the show, was an attempt to jump over a toy wagon on a bicycle; the attempt failed, resulting in Belleci flipping forward and landing on his face. As a result of doing these stunts, he is often involved in comical accidents while testing myths.

According to the October 28, 2012, episode of Myth Busters, he suffers from acrophobia.

In 2015, Byron and Belleci hosted Thrill Factor, a new show for the Travel Channel.

In this show they visit and showcase thrill rides around the world and explore a little bit of science such as the effect of G forces on breathing, heart rate and other factors.

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