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Typically, a multi-insert operation like this would be handled by executing the While this approach is a perfectly fine way to handle multiple inserts (except for starting a transaction would help to ensure the integrity of the data being inserted), executing every SQL statement through the OCI8 wrapper would require a lot of repeated communication between the database and the Web server, which may get expensive in terms of computing resources.A better approach would be to call the database once and let Oracle handle all the inserts internally.

updating a table once using array key and values php-79

updating a table once using array key and values php-58

That information, along with your comments, will be governed by DISQUS’ privacy policy.Let's see how this can be done with Oracle collections.Collections are PL/SQL structures that can be used in Oracle in the same manner that arrays can be used in PHP.Once defined, this type will be available to any procedure or table in the same schema (or a package if defined within the package).The next step is to create the procedure: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE update_order(order_id IN NUMBER,arr_items IN v_arr) IS BEGIN FOR i IN 1 ..

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