Updating mepis

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It could have been what Ubuntu IS, had it allowed a community of developers in.I am confused about how a community of package developers (developing according to Debian package standards) and kernel hackers (developing kernels according to Debian kernel standards) could NOT BE CONSIDERED A WELCOME ASSET TO MEPIS?Rather than continuing on in a more censored fashion, and with no hope of any inputs into improving Mepis, we have decided it is simply time to move on.” This announcement comes on the coat tails of a release of Professional Quality Sound Applications that were developed by dotmepis and its team.

Mepis Linux is a live CD, debian based distro, with some additional features, which makes it an excellent introduction to debian.

Mepis offers qtparted to partition your hard drive, while its good to have a gui partition tool, qtparted is, in my opinion, hideously anti-intuitive and severely lacking in easily accessed documentation.

I certainly felt a bit apprehensive using it, and pity anyone less experienced who tries to use it to partition their hard drive, as it comes with virtually no explanation.

However, according to Josh, webmaster of dotmepis.org, “I personally cannot say exactly why, or what specifically has caused this rift.

What is obvious to me, and the rest of the admin team here at dot Mepis, is that a true technical community, with our combined insight and experience does not fit within the current framework of Mepis.

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