Updating old quicken files

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The company file and all of its related files are stored in this location.On Monday I talked about my experiences moving from Quicken to i Bank.The trouble with this approach is that it didn’t work very well for me.The accounts got set up properly, but when I imported my transaction data, it was a mess.If you’re not certain you want the existing file erased, click Cancel and give the file you’re restoring a different name.The company file is converted to a regular company file, with a extension (or a extension if the backup was made from an Accountant’s Copy).Restrictions: Because your backup copy is in a compressed file format, you must use the restore wizard to bring the data back into Quick Books. Please perform the below mentioned steps to restore the backup files: Note: If Quick Books finds a company file with the same name in the folder you specified, Quick Books asks whether want to replace the existing file.

I’m a bit of a power user when it comes to tracking investments, and the reporting features (and lack of a true portfolio view) were deal killers for me. I next turned my attention to Moneydance from The Infinite Kind and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t need to go further down my list of Quicken alternatives.Your backup file contains your company data up to the date the backup was made. Follow these steps to restore a local backup from a CD, USB flash drive, local hard drive, network folder, or other media.If you backed up your company file using the service provided by Quick Books Online Backup, you must restore it through that same service.But aside from this minor (very minor) complaint, Moneydance is a very impressive piece of software.In short, it shares none of the operational weaknesses that I identified in i Bank: In terms of user support, there aren’t any built-in help files, but there is a very detailed pdf manual.

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