Updating palm software

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USB Dial Up Networking (DUN) with Palm OS Treo smartphones under Windows Vista USB Dial Up Networking (DUN) software for Palm OS smartphones is not compatible with Windows Vista at this time.This includes carrier-branded DUN software for Sprint and Verizon, as well as the software for Bell, Telus and other carriers.Hope this helps.i recently got a new laptop that works on windows vista. my calendar (on the palm desktop) and tasks will not hotsync but my contacts and memos are still intact. I now have a treo 700wx that used to synch w/ active synch. Treo Pro Review Treo Pro Specifications Treo Pro Preview Moving to Windows Mobile Treo Pro Accessories Treo Pro Cases Treo 800w Review Sprint Treo 800w Preview Treo 800w Specifications Verizon Treo 800w Treo 800w Accessories Treo 800w Cases Treo 800w Skin Case Treo 800w Extended Battery Treo 800w Stylus Centro Accessories Essential Centro Accessories Centro Cradle Centro Battery Centro Cases Palm Centro Air Case Centro Skin Case Super Slim Centro Hard Case Nite Ize Backbone Case Centro Software Top 100 Treo Software Centro Software Enhancements Centro Review AT&T Centro Review Verizon Centro Free Palm Centro Treo Accessories Treo Accessory Favourites Top 10 Treo Accessories Treo 680 Accessories Guide My Favourite Treo Accessories Essential Treo 650 Accessories Treo Travel Gear Essentials Centro Accessories Treo 755p Accessories Treo 750 Accessories Treo 700p Accessories Treo 700wx Accessories Treo 700w Accessories Treo 680 Accessories Treo 650 Accessories Treo Cases Best Treo Case Award Treo 680 Case Of Cases Ultra Slim Leather Holster Seidio Super Slim Hard Case Ultra Slim Skin Case A Case of Cases for All Cases Treo Batteries Treo 680/750 Extended Battery Palm Treo Battery Charger Treo 650/700 Extended Battery Treo Bluetooth Aliph Jawbone: Amazing Motorola S9 Stereo Bluetooth Jabra JX10: Stunning Palm Treo Headset: We like Treo GPS Freedom Keychain GPS 2000 Treo GPS: Accessory of the Year A Treo GPS In My Pocket Palm GPS Navigator v2 Treo Smartphones Treo Comparison Chart Treo vs.

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Some fix - we had to move our appts back an hour manually so as not to miss our clients showing up in the office. Re: the above poster who was having calendar problems: Palm Desktop users: You may experience shifting Calendar events during the periods of 3/11/07 to 4/1/07 and 10/28/07 to 11/4/07. I have the sprint 700P which I understand has the latest updates from Palm. Do a hard reset, then load each 3rd party app one by one, just in case one of your apps is causing the problem.We are a focused team of 14 people, but don’t be fooled by our size!Between us we have over 200 years of industry experience.We make sure you have access to quality support the way you want it and when you need it.to the quality of our products and the strong relationships we build with our customers and partners.

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