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Not allowed when a Number field is part of a relationship.

If the original value is in the form of a valid Internet Protocol (IP) address (four number triplets separated by a period: nnn.nnn) and the numbers happen to coincide with a Web address, the conversion results in a valid link.

The table in this section also explains when converting a data type can change or eliminate some or all the data in a field, and what data might be eliminated.

The process of updating data from one table to another follows these broad steps: The steps in this section assume the use of two similar tables.

To accommodate all possible dates, set the Field Size property of your Number field to Long Integer or greater.

In some cases, the conversion process might delete some data.We want for you to be able to learn it as rapidly as it is to write applications with it. The main reason this method accepts a struct is to allow you to easily use it with forms.This is how it would look if you wanted to update the properties for a post based on a submitted form. This method returns the object with the primary key value you specified.As a result, some of the data in the destination fields may be truncated (deleted).The section Restrictions on data type conversions lists the ways in which you can and cannot convert data types.

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