Validating an accounting theory karl popper

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The bucket theory of mind, as naively believed by many people, supposes, according to Popper, that “our mind is a bucket which is originally empty, or more or less so, and into this bucket material enters through our senses … 62), and in the case of the girl in the buckets of other people. If we want to know, we simply have to collect what there is.

However, using the photographic analogy again, light that passes the lens of a camera and touches the film or sensor, does not simply makes an image of the world as it is.

According to Popper, many branches of applied science, especially social science, are not truly scientific because they have no potential for falsification.

We often do not hear background noise, for instance, or, when we are concentrating on a point in our field of vision, we do not see a lot of other things there.

Some statements are logically falsifiable but not practically falsifiable – consider the famous example of “it will rain at this location in a million years' time.” You could absolutely of a way to test this claim, but carrying it out is a different story.

Thus, falsifiability is not a simple black and white matter.

But Einstein's theory holds true in a superset of the conditions in which Newton's theory holds, so according to the principle of Occam's Razor, Einstein's theory is preferred.

On the other hand, Newtonian calculations are simpler, so Newton's theory is useful for almost any engineering project, including some space projects. Scientists would not have arrived at either of these theories, or a compromise between both of them, without the use of testable, falsifiable experiments.

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