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In the last year or so the FDA and the EMA have issued new guidance/ draft guidance on "Process Validation".These align process validation activities with a product lifecycle concept and the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guidances for industry, Q8(R2) Pharmaceutical Development, Q9 Quality Risk Management, and Q10 Pharmaceutical Quality System.The old adage holds true: It costs a penny to make a change in engineering, a dime in production and a dollar after a product is in the field.In the prototyping stage, engineers create actual working samples of the product they plan to produce.At the time of commencing Process Validation, the other related elements of validation should be in place, e.g.: These requirements should be confirmed in a ‘Statement of Readiness to Proceed to Validation’In a multi - step synthesis, the intent is to Validate all steps identified as Critical steps from process development and/or historical data and Control (routinely test) other steps.

These items were triangulated against the results of semi-structured interviews with 26 residents from three teaching hospitals to achieve face validity.The steam is used to heat the load and to provide the moisture needed for sterilization.SIP processes are unique because of the equipment configurations involved.The main objective of process validation remains that a process design yields a product meeting its pre-defined quality criteria.ICH Q8, Q9 and Q10 provide a structured way to define product critical quality attributes, design space, the manufacturing process and the control strategy.

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