Validating female psychopathy subtypes

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Others around me would get so tired of the whole thing and insinuate that I was perpetuating things. Part of the hurt and damage was done because others could but would not see what was actually happening.He would always try to ingratiate himself to others it was sickening. Liane Leedom, MD, authors in the field of psychopathy are writing a book on women who love psychopaths and are seeking women willing to anonymously tell their stories, answer a survey of questions about the relationship dynamics, and be willing to take a temperament assessment.They are absolutely the worlds best manipulators, liars, and fabricators of truth.They are simply morally depraved individuals who represent the "monsters" in our society.They are unstoppable and untreatable predators whose violence is planned, purposeful and emotionless.No matter how outrageous his behavior others often stood by and inadvertently fuelled his grandiosity and denial... The material presented in the linked articles does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the editors.

A favored technique is to debilitate your identity [personally, I hate the term self-esteem] by levelling false accusations and/or questioning your honesty, fidelity, trustworthiness, your true motivations, your real character, your sanity and judgement.Model-based cluster analysis of the Revised Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R; R. Hare, 2003) and trait anxiety scores in the psychopathic subgroup (n = 123; PCL-R or = 29) revealed 2 clusters.Relative to primary psychopaths, secondary psychopaths had greater trait anxiety, fewer psychopathic traits, and comparable levels of antisocial behavior.It's difficult to say what motivates them - control and dominance possibly - since their life history will usually show no long-standing bonds with others nor much rhyme to their reason (other than the planning of violence).They tend to operate with a grandiose demeanor, an attitude of entitlement, an insatiable appetite, and a tendency toward sadism.

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