Validating windows xp pro

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WGA consists of two components: an installable component called WGA Notifications that hooks into Winlogon and validates the Windows license upon each logon and an Active X control that checks the validity of the Windows license when downloading certain updates from the Microsoft Download Center or Windows Update.

WGA Notifications covers Windows XP, Windows Vista and current versions of Windows 7.

Windows Vista SP1 has removed this behavior and reverted to the nag-only methods of Windows XP.

The notification tool has been accused of spyware-like behavior, "phoning home" on a daily basis.

WGA also advertises the latest service pack for Windows XP, which requires manual intervention to disable.

Since the majority of users in China run on a pirated copy of Windows, many users have experienced what is described as a "black screen syndrome", where the operating system changes the desktop background to a black screen per hour, as well as displaying constant warning messages.Microsoft subsequently admitted the behavior, but denied that it amounted to spyware.Following pressure, Microsoft announced that in future the tool would only phone home once every two weeks, instead of every day.Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is an anti-piracy system created by Microsoft that enforces online validation of the licensing of several recent Microsoft Windows operating systems when accessing several services, such as Windows Update, and downloading Windows components from the Microsoft Download Center.In Windows 7, WGA is renamed Windows Activation Technology.

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