Vista weather gadget not updating

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Floating widgets can display more information than a desktop widget by expanding up to 400 pixels square (about a 3x increase over the sidebar’s 130 pixels).A user can choose to always have your floating widget on top of all other application windows but will most likely access your floating widgets content as a heads-up-display by specifically engaging the Sidebar application through a click or keystroke. Image helpers provide quick and easy resizing of any image asset using Vista’s built-in thumbnail tools.Each format offers its own simplicity and trust levels.You’ll need to make a few key install decisions based on your trust concerns, the features of your widget, and budget.A widget flyout adds rich interaction directly inside the widget view without spawning a new browser window or other complex actions.

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You might display extended information in this space such as a detailed weather report, include additional context such as a stock trading chart (pictured above), or display a full media file such as a large or video.I refer to Microsoft Gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar as simply “widget” throughout the article to keep things simple.Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets are mini-applications powered by familiar web technologies.The Sidebar has three main views and user interactions — docked, flyout, and floating — for rich widget interactions.Your widgets are downloaded to the user’s desktop, unpacked, and executed in a local machine trusted state.

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