Who can you go to for help for dating violence dating gina romaggi

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Even when they do recognize the signs of abuse certain obstacles like threats, fear, embarrassment, or feeling like they have nowhere to go, can make seeking help or getting out extremely dangerous.

1) Start the Conversation – Let them know you have noticed certain things that concern you.

Equality and balance go hand-in-hand in a healthy relationship, where each dating partner recognizes and supports the other’s choices, individuality and beliefs.

In a healthy relationship, both partners take responsibility for their own happiness, never expecting their partner to make them happy.

So, how do you know if your relationship is healthy?

All relationships exist on what we call the Relationship Spectrum.

No matter if you have had 20 dating partners or none, it’s always good to know the difference between a healthy relationship and an abusive one.

So, what do we need to know about relationships and dating violence? Let’s start with the basics – relationships are not always easy.

It can include physical abuse, such as slapping, kicking, strangling or punching.You may also consider talking to a counselor, trusted adult, or legal aid if there is no immediate danger present.Remember boundaries, warning signs and healthy relationships are not as clear when you are in an abusive relationship.4) When in Need Get Support – If you feel that your friend is in immediate danger or that their life is at risk or has been threatened, you may want to get emergency support by calling 911.It may not be your first choice for help, but if things are serious it’s important to call professionals for support.

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