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He is sealed away in a sarcophagus at the feet of a statue of the Egyptian god Anubis and kept under strict surveillance by the Medjai to prevent Imhotep's return.In 1926, Jonathan Carnahan presents his sister Evelyn—a librarian and aspiring Egyptologist—with an intricate box and map that lead to Hamunaptra.Rick guides Evelyn and her party to the city, where the group encounters a band of American treasure hunters led by Rick's cowardly acquaintance Beni Gabor.The expeditions are confronted by the Medjai; against the warrior Ardeth Bay's advice to leave the city, the two expeditions continue to excavate.In a series of photos, Sho Madjozi is seen standing next to Sjava and that sparked dating rumours between the two BET winners.

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One picture of his alleged boyfirend have also been found and Move! Even though the star is very cagey about revealing who he is, this is what he had to say about him.

Industrial Light & Magic provided visual effects and blended film and computer-generated imagery to create the mummy. The Mummy opened on May 7, 1999, and grossed million in 3,210 theaters during its opening weekend in the United States. The box-office success led to two sequels—The Mummy Returns (2001) and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)—as well as an animated series and the prequel/spin-off film The Scorpion King (2002).

In Thebes, Egypt, 1290 BC, high priest Imhotep has a love affair with Anck-su-Namun, the mistress of Pharaoh Seti I.

Evelyn believes that if the Book of the Dead brought Imhotep back to life, the Book of the Living can kill him again, and deduces the book's whereabouts. Evelyn agrees to accompany Imhotep if he spares the rest of the group.

Although Imhotep goes back on his word, Rick and the others fight their way to safety.

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