Who is carrie prejean dating

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It probably did cost her the crown, and pageant owner Donald Trump confirmed that low scores in the question and answer phase affected the outcome.Meanwhile second runner up Miss Arizona gave a memorized nonsensical answer to a question about universal healthcare.But if the issue is living up to Christianity, let's talk about what Christianity really is.I'll start: It's not about teenage girls showing their breasts to their boyfriends.Before Boller, Prejean was rumored to be dating Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. claims that the couple have now decided to get married.

At least she answered the damn question and tried to think about it instead of giving some BS answer. Carrie Prejean calls Larry King "inappropriate" The two got engaged in Prejean's hometown of San Diego, where Boller spends part of the off-season, a source told E! Watch Prejean's controversial gay marriage answer at Miss USA Prejean, 22, and Boller, 28, began dating last July after she made news by making an anti-gay marriage statement during the Miss USA pageant in April 2009.Prejean first received nationwide attention for an answer she gave during the 2009 Miss USA pageant, in which she stated her belief that marriage should be solely defined as a union between a man and a woman.Carrie Prejean, some might remember, is the California beauty queen who gained instant ignominy in some circles by agreeing with President Obama's ridiculous notion that marriage is a union between one man and one woman....[T]he high-powered, celebrity website TMZ claimed to have a sex video of the beautiful Prejean that was so outrageously explicit it hasn't posted it yet.

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